Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Craziness ensues!

I just came back from Ikea with supplies... will need to hit the ribbon store and get some light bulbs too.   And make lots more tea light covers, cards, and lamps!    So much time, so little to do... wait.  no.  Reverse that.   (I hope someone remembers what movie that came from, because I don't!)

Tomorrow I'm heading over to the Bowery Bazaar to set up several hanging lamps in the unofficial {NewNew} space.   I'm thrilled to be sharing the space with several other fabulous artists including:

Better Than Jam, who not only sews her own clothing designs, but creates and prints the fabrics for them too.

and KnitKnit, who designs and creates wonderful fiber jewelery and accessories.  One of my personal favorites is her Knitted Power Cord Scarf/Necklace. 

Next on the list will be this Saturday's 2nd Annual Holiday Handmade Cavalcade, created and hosted by the {NewNew} in the New York City's Nolita.   With nearly 50 artists designing  paper goods, t-shirts, jewelry, stuffed animals, soaps, and art...  there's going to be something there for everyone.

And that's just this week...  More insanity ensues next week!  Stay tuned, my warped ones, for further details on my plans...  some possible shop appearances are planned as well as plenty of shows!

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