Monday, December 14, 2009

The challenges of booth set up at Gifted

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending the day with Felicity of Wish by Felicity and Debbie from Milk Made at the Brooklyn Flea's Gifted show.   The {NewNew} team had arranged to purchase a table that their members could share for the day.   For those of us with a thin wallet but big hopes, this is a fantastic opportunity.   The challenge was how we'd fit us all on one table!

We're each used to having at least a 2'x4' table to spread out our goodies.  At Gifted all we had was one 2'x6' table.   Which, divided by three people, gave us each 2' square.   It seemed ridiculous.  I know I thought it'd be a disaster.

But it turned out great!   Limitations sometimes push you.   And this pushed each of us to find the essence of our lines.   As you'll see in the pictures below, we found ways to make our products look great while keeping the table top from falling into chaos.

Walking in from the front door, we were towards the back wall by the Lafayette Street side window which gave us fabulous light (which my poor lamps fought against...).
Felicity had fun rearranging her set up all day, but she really caught the essence of her fun and colorful jewelry with these pieces.

Debbie and Felicity's work is very different, but since I was the 'non' jewelry person (and the last one to show up for set up...heh), I got the pleasure of setting up in the middle of the table.   It actually worked out well as your eye seemed to rise UP the table following the increasing heights of our displays.

And then there was Debbie's milk bottle cap inspired jewelry mountain holding down the end of the table.   I love that she brings along an old fashioned milk bottle with cap.   I didn't know you could even find them any more!

The view for us was pretty great too.  We had a good angle to observe the crowds and see people shopping handmade!

If you were one of those people... I hope you had a fun time and found lots of goodies!

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