Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maker Faire - Getting your Geek on!

I volunteered at the Maker Faire yesterday.   What a blast!   The fabulous weather brought out all sorts of people.   It was one of the excitingly diverse crowds that New York excels at cooking up.   Steam punk meets Family meets Artist meets Scientist.   Bonding everyone was a love of technology and creativity and the fact that the twain DO meet!   If you like to build stuff, create stuff... this was the venue to find your soulmates!  

Neat toy for the back yard..

Bust set up a Craftacular in one zone while the others were set up inside the New York Hall of Science and on the lawns and parking around it.   While it was a slight trek from the city, being on the far edges of Queens (out by Shea Stadium), I'm so glad I went out there to see the sights and meet the people.  As a volunteer, I worked at the Maker's Shed and an information booth so I had lots of encounters with faire goers who were all fun, excited, and having a great time.   Get a little taste of it with the pics!
Annnnnddd heeere we gooo....
and what you make with parts

And this brave soul sat down with Nelson.....
if you could have only heard the noises from that machine!
But where do you sit?   
Chariot race winner

Chariot race loser

Chariot still to be raced... wonder if it eats its opponents?

Lifesize Mousetrap???

Want some cheese?
If you missed it, the website has a ton of gems and info.   And, with the turnout and the excitement of the crowd, I feel sure this will happen again.   Keep an eye on Make Magazine and the NY Hall of Science.