Sunday, October 4, 2009

New recycled colored envelopes for my handmade cards!

For the last year I've sold my white, handpunched cards only with matching white envelopes.  They looked great together, but the cards on display didn't always read well from a distance at shows.   I've been wanting to try a darker layer under the cards to help the detail show through the punched holes.   It's hard to tell from the pictures... but believe me, it makes a difference!

In addition, as some of you may have noticed over the last year, I've focused my collection into 4 distinct categories:  romantic, abstract or any-day, letters & numbers, and holiday.   I've picked envelope colors to match those themes.   Red for romantic.   Classic Kraft bag brown for any-day.   Denim blue for letters & numbers.  And soft green for the holidays.  They've always been sorted by category at shows, but now you'll be able to see it much easier!

Best of all - these envelopes are 100% recycled!  The red, green and blue envelopes include 30% PCW (post consumer waste), while the kraft brown is 100% PCW!  

If you are interested in seeing the new envelopes in person, I will be debuting them at the Crafts in Chelsea fair on October 17th.   And don't worry - if you still want the classic white envelope, just ask me!

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Jess // CLineCreations said...

Those look great! And who doesn't need another way to organize and sort their things?