Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mother of Invention is in the Gut

I started making lampshades a few months ago using basic circle wire frames. At it's simplest, it consists of two rings set a certain distance apart with paper wrapped around them to form either a column or a cone. The wire circles dictate the shape as well as supplying the support and method of attachment. Add base and bulb and - TA-DA -You have a lamp!

A few weeks ago I was working with a piece of paper I'd punctured (say that 3x's fast!) with the pattern I call "Melting". It was supposed to fit around a 10" diameter wire frame but somewhere I'd measured something wrong and it was too short! There was no way I could hide a 1" gap. But there was also no way I was going to junk this beautiful paper I'd spent hours creating!

I happened to have a 6" diameter frame sitting out for another piece. I had laid down the "Melting" paper beside it. Without thinking too much, my hands reached for both and began assembling... (The mother of invention must be in the gut, not the brain!) There was a good chunk of painstakingly punched paper I was going to have to cut off for this smaller frame, IF I made it into the standard column. If. If. If...

And that's how I created the Melting Teardrop Lampshade!

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