Monday, September 14, 2009

Beginning the season

The Fall Handmade Cavalcade was a great way to get back into the swing of things. As much as we all love time off (which August was for me), it's never easy to start working again. But when you have to do it, it doesn't get any better than Beacon this weekend.

The friendships I've made and continue to build in the {NewNew} are a fantastic support group to lean back on. They are wonderful people who I can bounce ideas off of, who's creative spirits keep inspiring me, and who continually challenge me to keep looking towards the horizon instead of just at my feet.

This weekend was the most difficult show I've ever done. Never before have I been so deeply involved in the pre-show development. It was a big learning experience on what goes into the networking, advertising, socializing, pamphleteering, posting, chatting, emailing, etc, etc, etc! Add into that it was my first show out of town... in fact, my first one off the Long Island (and, yes, for those of us who forget, Brooklyn & Queens are on the tip of LI!)

All I can really say is: Thanks, guys, for inviting me into the fold!

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