Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Touching Hello

So it seems only logical to restart my journey into blogdom with a "greeting" card that displays warpeDesign at it's best.

"hello" is a classic. I use this card as the sampler at all my shows. There's always one sitting on the front of the display for people to pick up, fondle, stroke, hold up to the lights, show their friends... as I watch quietly from the other side of the table. And, believe me, I am not understating how people react to the cards. Everyone's first instinct is to touch them. I see hands stretch out, fingers extended. Some people just go for it... and then others freeze, look at me questioningly, waiting for permission. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't change the word from "hello" to "sample" or "touch me"!

Children are naturals. They always want to touch the cards. There's no pausing with them. If they like something, if they are curious, they just grab. (Someday one of them is going to pull my table over on top of themselves.) But I like that honesty. That's a pure reaction, and the best of compliments.

It's why I love this technique. There are so many printed cards out there. And I know a lot of amazing artists who make them and make them really well. But my cards hit a visceral sense that print cards do not. How many cards are as fun to touch as they are to look at? How many cards change the way they look when you move them around? Each card is definitely a labor of love... labor being a major part of that... but it's always worth it when I see someone reach out to touch "hello".

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