Friday, October 1, 2010

NYC Skyline lamp donated to help Education

This Monday I am proud to be a part of the charity event hosted by the Children's Movement for Creative Education.   I have donated one of my handpunched NYC Skyline lamps to the silent auction to raise money for this non-profit, non-denominational, tax-exempt organization that helps children overcome the upheavals in their lives through art and education.   By being better informed about world events and other cultures children connect their individual lives to the larger world community.

To donate or purchase a ticket to the event, click here.

I hope my little piece of New York City will raise a little bit of money for this great cause!


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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am trying to find out how to buy your New York skyline pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi, like Johnson, we would love to know either how to buy or make this beautiful lampshade! Please let us know