Saturday, June 5, 2010

Helping clean up the oil spill in the gulf

You will notice that I've added a National Wildlife Federation "Oil Spill: Help Save Wildlife", badge to my site. I've been looking for ways I can help. If this one little thing gets them some more attention, then I'm thrilled.  I'm also following them on Facebook and Twitter.

I've signed up with several organizations to volunteer down there.   Unfortunately, they really need people with specific oil cleanup/HazMat style training which I don't have.   But maybe they'll train me...   or they need people to do other stuff.  I don't care if it's filing or cooking for the crews.  If I can free up one person with the proper training by doing that sort of work, then it's worth it.

I'm on hold for the moment...   so I'm on the look out for other options.    I've been flipping through sites like The Bargainist for more ideas.  I know there isn't a human around who doesn't get nauseas when they see the pictures.  Or even worse, feels helpless.   Sending $10 just doesn't seem enough...   but it's a start.

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