Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shows for 2010

So I'm finally getting myself booked into a couple of shows this year.  Yay!   The best part about doing the shows is meeting all of you.   As lovely as any sale is online, I find the direct sales much more satisfying.   I get to see you flip through the boxes of cards.   I see you touch the samples that are out.   I hear your discussion with your spouse/friend/sister/etc about which card would be right for x, y, or z...   And I get to answer all your questions about how I make the punctured paper artwork, what inspires me, what challenges me, and what motivates me.   It's your chance to get to know me.

and then I turn the tables and ask you questions.   Yes.  I do ask.  I want to know:  what pulled you to my booth?  What you look for in cards?  What do you like about the lamps?  What else would you like to see me make?   The information flows both ways and we have a chance to get to know each other as people rather than just buyer and seller.   It's pretty great.

Sooo... .next opportunity for a Q&A will be this very weekend at the Maker's Market.  I will be there from 11 to 6 with cards, lamps, and tea light covers on Sunday, Feb 7th.   I'll be back on Sunday March 7th for another go around.  

Next big show after that will be the Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Fair on May 1st & 2nd.

I will start posting other shows on Etsy at least a month in advance and I'll get my blog calender updated soon!   Hope to see you soon!   To tide you over, enjoy a little bit of love from warpeDesign!

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